142 – VIP – Smoke Show

In this VIP ESL Podcast we talk about the pain of breaking up with a very hot girl. The girl in this conversation is very beautiful beautiful but not nice.

This is a
VIP Lesson

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  1. Cailloutte Says:

    He guys, I’m a bit disappointed by this lesson. It looks as if you’re spending less and less time explaining the different terms; You used to give several examples for each term which I really appreciated. Here for some of the terms, you just read the definition you wrote. I think you have proved in the past that you can do much better than just read a dictionnary.
    Have a good night

  2. Ali Akbar Says:

    I would like to learn all the lessons in the fun English lessons.

  3. carlwoods Says:

    who would like to talk to me add me on Skype carlwoods26
    i hope we can match well
    i am really hope my english can kick ass one is the very reason keep me going on english learning

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