143 – VIP – Getting Fat

In this VIP ESL Podcast we talk about diet, exercise, and health vocabulary and phrases. Learn about health and improve your English.

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  1. Alexandra Schreen Says:

    Dear Add and And, I really don t know what s happening , but I think you guys are not enjoying anymore doing this lessons.Try to listen yourselves in the very beggining of you work and you will see a huge difference between the quality of the lessons you used to do then and what we have now.We even notice that you were more relaxed that time.And you were not too tied of what you prepared to read.I hope that there is nothing wrong with you guys and I hope my subscription to VIP worth it!Thank You!!!

  2. pm778 Says:

    100 % agree, and …
    Alexandra Schreen – did you download mp3 file from 131 – VIP – Business Call?

  3. Alexandra Schreen Says:

    Yes, pm778!Why?Would you like to talk on skype?Add me : alexandraschreen!

  4. pm778 Says:

    Because i can’t download it. I`d like, but I don’t have skype. I used to use ICQ. Where are you from? I’m from Moscow.

  5. Alexandra Schreen Says:

    Hi, pm778 I am from Brazil.It is really easy to do a Sype account, you only need to download it (just write SKYPE on google bar and follow the steps) .It is free.

  6. romaindurand Says:

    Yes I’ve noticed the decreasing quality of the last lessons myself. I really hope nothing is wrong with you guys and that it’s just gonna be temporary. I’ve just moved in Boston USA last week and gonna stay there one year to carry out an internship. I got skype Alexandra if you’re interested: romaindurand2536. Still better to speak to improve your english although I just have to get out my house to speak it.

  7. 329463846 Says:

    i don’t think this lesson is worth like a vip section, its more like a free one. i hope i will listen more valuable lesson.

  8. 329463846 Says:

    hey , guys. i have a suggestion for you, why not bring a female gust next time when you do the podcast, i bet you guys have female friends in Shanghai who is from English speaking countries.

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