153 – VIP – Walking

In this VIP English podcast we talk about going for a walk. Learn about this type of exercise and great vocabulary for daily spoken English.

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2 Responses to “153 – VIP – Walking”

  1. Famil ŞAMİLOĞLU Says:

    I am your VIP member, but ı have problem.I dont know how ı can use your VIP lesson.I have sent 3 times emails but you have not sloved my problem.İf you dont my problem, ı will leave from your membership.I havent understoond what the problem is.Please slove my problem.I would like to improve my English.
    Have a nice day,
    Famil Samiloglu

  2. kachunlam Says:

    i am one of your vip member. i don’t wanna to be honest but i have to for both your and our sake,i am a bit disappointed and upset lately with you guys doing these recent vip podcasts, it sound like you start to be a bit pathetic and IN HURRY to finish doing podcast, kind of like you aren’t as that serious with your latest podcast and us as you guys used to be that eager and enthusiastic at the very begining. i do not mean to critize you guys. after all, do stuff with ALL YOUR HEART.

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