155 – VIP – Next US President

In this VIP English podcast we talk about the upcoming presidential election in the US. Learn English for real life conversations and politics

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  1. sara2625 Says:

    Dearest Andy
    the audio file has some problem.please fix it out.

  2. alimah57 Says:

    Dear Brothers,
    I was listening and comparing your recent podcasts with the first ones. I hope you don’t mind, but honestly i think you were much more eager and excited in presenting the lessons and it had remarkable impacts on stimulating the learners to listen and learn better and sooner. in your recent podcasts for some reason I can’t find your sense of humor and the way that you heated the program.
    This was something that i felt I have to mention and I hope we can hear you as energetic as the very first day you started this useful method of teaching English.
    best regards;

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