157 – VIP – Signing Deals

In this ESL podcast we talk about real English for Business. Learn about closing deals in business and making money.


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VIP Lesson

3 Responses to “157 – VIP – Signing Deals”

  1. miguelch75 Says:

    I really need help en suscribe mi into iTunes for VIP section. It is so complicated to download every lesson and copy into a PC for transmit to an iPod. I sent a contact form, now, I just send a mail. Please, answer. Thanks Miguel Chavez.

  2. Ana Says:

    Miguel, probably they will have this issue fixed with the app they are about to launch… And also if you’re subscribed, the next podcast will be downloaded automatically to your iOS device.

  3. TukTodd Says:

    Hi, I am having the Same iTunes problem. When do you plan to have the app available

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