170 – VIP – Last Minute

In this ESL podcast we talk about booking a flight ticket at the last minute and how outrageous ticket prices can be during holiday season. Learn English for travel and daily life.

This is a
VIP Lesson

10 Responses to “170 – VIP – Last Minute”

  1. Andres Says:

    Hi guys,

    Please, check out the audio MP3 of this podcast. Apparently, it does not work from 7:26 onwards.I have just downloaded it, as always, but there are some minutes missing.

    Thanks in advance,



  2. Susanne Says:


    Yes, you are right, it does not work from 7:26 onwards.


  3. mhmanzano Says:

    Hey Guys. How can I get the vip lesson in my ipod as podcast… I only have until number 31… thanks.

  4. Antonio94 Says:

    Unfortunately I did not find any way out to download the VIP lessons. Only online stuff.

  5. Susanne Says:

    Hi Andres,

    I hope you will upload a audio MP3 file which works.


  6. maxim Says:

    Hey Add,

    The new design of the website is super cool, but what about re-uploading this lesson?


  7. efcandia Says:

    There is a problem with this audio. Please, can you guys fix it?

  8. StebX Says:

    As others have said previously, could you please reload the mp3 file of this lesson. The file is damaged. Thanks in advance.
    Bye and keep it up. Really nice stuff here. Come on… a Christmas gift for all of us. ^__^

  9. marise Says:

    It still doesn’t work, guys!

  10. 329463846 Says:

    hey, would you mind fix the podcast! that’s so gay!

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