175 – VIP – Dating Texts

In this ESL podcast we talk about dating and how do know if people like you. Learn English for relationships and daily life and improver your communication and your life.

This is a
VIP Lesson

3 Responses to “175 – VIP – Dating Texts”

  1. huidongwh Says:

    Hi guys, in ipad, are there any text of the talk can be seen while I am listening to your conversation?

  2. admin Says:


    the complete transcript is below all the VIP lessons but we had a few bugs on the first version of the app. We’re fixing this though and should be ready within a week or so.

  3. Lucy Says:

    An interesting lesson. A weird website though :o
    It seems to me the girls who go on there and ask for the community’s opinions on their dating experiences are either too insecure or too dumb. If they felt secure about the relationship or had confidence in themselves, they wouldn’t have asked around and shared their privacy with a bunch of strangers. That’s a reflection of low self-esteem.

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