177 – VIP – New Weed Law

In this VIP ESL podcast we talk about what happened with the US election. Obama is back again but what else happened? Find out while learning great terms and vocabulary for real conversations in English.

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3 Responses to “177 – VIP – New Weed Law”

  1. Paul King Says:

    Hey Guys, this is another great lesson. I think it’s a good idea, however; I’m not a pothead. I have to say that alcohol is much worse than weed. I like a good beer especially from Europe, but I really hate hard liquor. I can’t stand it and I think it’s absolutely a chemical product. I don’t know why people have problem to legalize marijuana. It’s a soft drug and when you compare with hard alcohol, it’s almost nothing . People use it a lot, anyway.
    By the way, I wanted to tell you that your new design of your web site looks much better than ever before. I like it. Thank you for these amazing lessons. I’ve been appreciating them almost for three years. Keep up the great work guys and take care !!!


  2. StebX Says:

    Hi Guys, I’m a new VIP member. You’re doing a fantastic job! I hope my English will improve listening your lessons. Great stuff, really! Thanks.

    Bye from Italy.


    PS. There is a problem with the pdf. please fix it. Thanks again.

  3. Alexandra Schreen Says:

    Hi,StebX!Would you like to have a chat through skype someday?We could improve our speaking also!

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