184 – VIP – Dominating with Chicks

In this VIP ESL podcast we talk about meeting new girls after getting out of a long and bad relationship. Learn real spoken English for daily conversation.

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  1. daniel1 Says:

    Hi Canadian Brothers!

    Nice podcast, It will be usefull for dating or singles conversations.

    I havent had a chance to meet a girl (English native) to explain her that I having a blast or I am on fire so she can taste me =D

    I am not consider myelf as a hard to tame, actually I would like to have serious relationship but not luck for now, is juts matter of time that some girl (not native English necesary) “sweeps me off my feet” (I am not sure if the slang is correct the way I wrote it). I prefer to keeps the thinks light when I meet a girl with not common interested or we are extreme differents, for example I can not bear a girl who likes expend money just because she wants to show herself as high class or talk about with her friends how money cost the last time we went out instead of paid atention if she really enjoy the moment, the company or the conversation. So for this situations keeps the thinks light, while the relationship goes more further , I hope you know what I mean :)

    So pulling to many girls is not my profile, I think is expensive and consume to much time, from Monday to Thursday I have to dedicate to prepare an exam certification, spend time with girls that I wont consider serious is not good idea for me.

    Ok, I hope someone read my comments. I please LET ME KNOW if there is a mistake in my redaction style or something that help me to improve my english.

    Have a good day!!

    I gotta go to work

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