185 – VIP – Relationship Possibility

In this ESL podcast we talk about our friend meeting somebody he likes with the possibility of getting in a new relationship. Learn English for communication.

This is a
VIP Lesson

2 Responses to “185 – VIP – Relationship Possibility”

  1. Stella Says:

    hahaha!!! Finally pay successfully!!!
    So happy to hear your voice!

  2. graciela22 Says:

    You guys are absolutely amazing! Every time I listen to your podcast, I can feel so much energy from you two! As I was born in Korea and have grown here, I’ve spent most of my schools days studying English, but it haven’t work at all! Ever since I found your lessons, I listen to one lesson at least 30 times, and I can see it makes my English a whole lot better than before! I’ve got a lot more confidence for English! I love you guys, and I’d appreciate your efforts for those who listen to your lessons all over the world! Thanks Andy and Add! :-)

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