187 – VIP – Glass Ceiling

In this VIP English podcast we talk about creating your own career and designing your own life how you want.

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2 Responses to “187 – VIP – Glass Ceiling”

  1. uno21 Says:


    your topic this week is good and useful again
    i’m afraid you are too much obsessive to make something far greater
    to attract a lot more english learners.
    i believe you are doing very well,
    don’t worry too much to get get something nicer
    it’s good as it is, as your natural way , don’t be obsessive!!
    but if there is something i want you to do,
    why don’t you read a lot of books more..
    why don’t you enjoy life in more various way and
    get a lot of different experiences.
    then you could give us a lot more natural english rather than
    artificial way.
    as always , i like your english teaching not like teaching

    thanks a lot for your effort!!!

  2. daniel1 Says:

    Hi mapple leaf citizens!

    Good lesson!
    I am a engineer worker and the pay is decent for a single, of course I would like to earn more. Actually there is a glass ceiling in may company, to scale the next position requires experience with expensive devices that is hard for everyone to buy them just for practice, the way for make experience is get into a project from the begining in order to catch all the knowledge; also you can have friend in highest position that make a recomendation to put you in the project. Please don’t think that I am a downer, is an example of a glass ceiling in my current job.

    See you soon!
    Have a nice day

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