190 – VIP – Power Slang 2

In this VIP English podcast we talk about the second in our 10 part series on power slang. Learn how to describe making and breaking plans.

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  1. nathan2012 Says:

    Hey guys, good job again. but i really have a concern and it is that i don’t know why but i can not see the transcriptions from the lesson if i’m not mistaken 160 until now. i would like to know from you gus what’s going on. i will appreaciate your time..

  2. Elena Says:

    Hi! I have the same problem. There are no transcripts of the lessons (starting probably from lesson 160). Everything is fine as long as I go to the web page and want to download the file, but if I use your app on my iPhone, I have just an audio file and no text to read along. Thanks a lot!

  3. admin Says:

    Thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into the problem and try and fix it :)

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