194 – VIP – Harlem Shake

In this ESL podcast we talk about the Harlem shake video. Learn about pop culture, slang, and real life English conversations.

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VIP Lesson

3 Responses to “194 – VIP – Harlem Shake”

  1. mahruz Says:

    I can’t download the lesson to the computer.I don’t know about feed url. Please help me. or give me a your phone number to reach you. Thank you

  2. mahruz Says:

    I am VIP membership but I can’t download all the lessons to my computer. Please help me. Thank you and have a good one.

  3. daniel1 Says:

    Very nice podcast! I would like to make my own Harlem Shake video but I am not so crazy besides my friends wouldnt participate. So just wacht =D

    Great job bodys!

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