199 – VIP – Boston Bombing

In this English lesson we talk about a sad current event that happened recently. Listen to the podcast and learn real English for news, current events, and daily communication.

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3 Responses to “199 – VIP – Boston Bombing”

  1. uno21 Says:

    you repeated phrase [What do you make of] again..
    i think that’s very helpful method to intuitively embed it
    in learner’s subconscious mind.
    i believe,
    idiomatic expression should be repeated a lot of times
    in a lot of topics continuously.
    thanks again!! //////////////// sung

  2. agarcia74 Says:

    I always have logged the site

  3. ramin Says:

    Hi guys,
    I just want to discuss about the situation.
    My point of view is that america some times do something by its own and use it as reason to attack to other countries. It is obvious that the 2001 catastrophe was made by US. They sacrificed two towers and occupied two countries, Afghanistan and Iraq.
    Really God forbid another war. I think every one live for piece.
    By the way I’m living in Montreal. Just for your records the weather is amazing in these days ;) .

    Wish you a great day there.

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