200 – VIP – Anniversary Party

In this lesson we celebrate our 200th episode with an English learning party.

This is a
VIP Lesson

16 Responses to “200 – VIP – Anniversary Party”

  1. uno21 Says:

    congraturation for your 200 Anniversary
    i always believe [hard work pays off].
    so, surely you’ll be a somebody
    in english teaching industry of the world.
    until..those bright days come, keep doing hard work!!
    we are supporting your spirit continuously , never burn out!!!
    thanks../////////////////// sung

  2. slope1308 Says:


    Happy anniversary!!!! A lot of greetings from Venezuela!!!

  3. Redy1971 Says:


  4. wagnerfsj Says:

    you guys are awesome! Thanks

  5. thierry_fr Says:

    Congratulations for this 200th podcat.
    You guys have a lot of courage to do this tough works for so long!

    Hundred thanks

  6. itislynn Says:

    I emailed you a couple times and I didn’t get any reply so I decided to put it here. I renewed my VIP membership for a year. It’s been a week but my account status still shows as membership expired. Would you please look into that? Thank you.

  7. admin Says:


    Itislynn, Sorry for the problem. I just added your account again. Just let me know if you still have a problem.


  8. itislynn Says:

    It works now. Thank you a lot.


  9. wfriedrich Says:

    Hi! You guys rock! Happy anniversary from Sao Paulo, Brazil! Wish you guys all the best!


  10. Elena Says:

    Hi there! Thank you very much for doing such interesting and usefull lessons. I’ve been here for nearly a year by now and I enjoy listenig to your podcasts very much. I do hope your motivation will be even stronger and you’ll continue teaching us :) I can imagine how hard you’ve been working, but it looks like your efforts have been paid off. I am very glad to have such motivated and creative teachers! Keep plugging away! We appreciate it very much!

    P.S. Where is the video you’ve made to celebrate your 200th anniversary? I’ve been looking for it on site and haven’t found it :( Have you already removed it?

  11. martka Says:

    Guys, you are just awesome!!!! Keep doing the great job! This is the best website for learning English EVER!!!

  12. Stella Says:

    I really love your podcast, it’s kinda like a part of my life, even I can’t listen to it everyday, but I did listen to it once for a while. it makes me happy to see every update, I hope EVERYTHING goes better and better with you guys!

  13. jm_safer Says:

    Where’s the video? =(

  14. HebaAbed Says:

    Where is the video?

  15. jm_safer Says:

    Seriously!!!!!! Where is the video guys? :O

  16. 329463846 Says:

    NO video? :(

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