209 – VIP – Spying 2

Learn English about news and current events to help improve your fluency and communication skills in English.

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4 Responses to “209 – VIP – Spying 2”

  1. kingfisher Says:

    Great podcast guys, love the part 2 of the spying series.
    I was wondering if there’s a part 3 coming up.
    Btw, could we have the full transcription please? :) :)

  2. iawrd Says:

    Pinging is currently not allowed.

    “Pinging”, could u pleased explain the word?

  3. iawrd Says:

    Suddenly, I remember two phrase that often heard in the podcasts, but forgot exactly when and where:

    1) hammer down
    2) rap up or rip up (exactly pronuncation forgotten, usually heard at the end of the podcast)

    could u please explain these two words?

  4. ulasha Says:

    Hey, brothers! I like your lessons, I have bought VIP Lessons, i am a member of community, but sometimes i cant get some things here. For example, if i whant to get Study Guide of this lesson in PDF it ask me Ooops! you need be a member! But I AM A MEMBER!!!
    Please, help with that problem

    PS. You guys are welldone!

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