217 – VIP – Make More Money

Learn business English about money and getting jobs.

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  1. kingfisher Says:

    Thank you for the nice lesson. just finished and would like share some thoughts.
    I guess most of time the fast food companies giving their workers a wage lift is totally because of getting back their industry reputation and get the workers asses back to the brutal work. I just can’t believe the management would be actually willing to do this. The worst case scenario for the workers is returning their positions without any salary raise. They are losing money when they are hitting the street. There are so many same kind of fast food shops all over the world. The profit that are making in the countries is already make up the huge lost in U.S. These company dont have to take any action because they are still earning, they are just less. However, for the workers, they’ve a family. Their kids cant be fed with dust bunnies. I’m afraid it’s lose-lose situation for the demonstrators.

    I feel really bad about them. The power of the union will be undermined if the more and more people would choose to give up protesting.

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