220 – VIP – Kenya Mall Shooting

In this English lesson we talk about war and the shooting that recently took place in a Kenyan Mall. Learn English for real life situations and news.

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VIP Lesson

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  1. greenlizard Says:

    Hello Andy and Add! Great dialgoue and the topic. I am a VIP member, but haven’t been herefor a while and now i can’t figure out how to download mp3 to my computer. When i click DOWNLOAD the audio just plays, but i can’t download it to my comp. Is this possible ?Could you adviser on that, please?

  2. kingfisher Says:

    Nice international topic Andy and Add. I love this kind of topic.
    Just checked out another shocking news happened in the U.S. about the bikers chasing a man from Taiwan, and assaulted him badly injured. I was wondering how the western ppl think of us, the race in yellow skin. Do we give them a terrible impression? Perhaps, you could consider making a podcast on that too and give us some new terms. BTW, remember the The Young Turks channel you recommended to us before, I love that so much. I’ll continue to follow you guys on the 232 websites. Cheers. :)

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