226 – VIP – Smart Watches

Learn English for business and technology. In this lesson we talk about smart watches and different wearable technology. Learn vocabulary and phrases for technology and daily conversations.

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2 Responses to “226 – VIP – Smart Watches”

  1. skyzhangty Says:

    Good dialog. Not only the language part, but I 100% agreed with the point you made in it. I absolutely hate people looking at their phones all the time when hanging out with others.

  2. amorphius Says:

    First time I hear intolerance from you guys. I’m a programmer and I consider almost every new technical device as step in right direction. All wrong steps is just mistake from which we can learn. I could agree that very few people will find those watches useful (only complete geeks like I am) and many many others will buy them just because they want to look smarter than they are (it’s smart watch after all :) ) or just because of very good marketing and branding especially after Apple will make theirs own smart watches.

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