232 – VIP – 2014 Predictions

In this ESL podcast we have a debate over the health supplement industry. Learn English for talking about health, current events, and improve your spoken English communication skills.

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VIP Lesson

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  1. Serguei Says:


    I’d like to share my experience about a couple of classes I recently had with Add & Andy through Skype.

    I had some questions and doubts about a specific topic and I thought “why not to get in touch with them and get a tutorial through Skype discussing the subject via a live voice chat” – the outcome was absolutely above my expectation – no question about this!

    We had a great chat, exchanging our opinions and points of view on several topics, I got the answers to my questions and amazing tips as well as a bunch of useful advices on how to deal in English with the situation I am going to face coming week.

    It would be unfair not to mention that they’re down to earth guys, with a great sense of humor and open minded dudes, they sounded just exactly as I was imagining them through their podcasts.

    I’ve been following this website and podcasts for over a year and I can tell you that my English has been improved tremendously – I’ve put into practice those many expressions I learnt from their podcasts and lessons, in case you haven’t put it into practice yet – I recommend you to give it a try, you will see the native speakers reactions when you’re going to “take them down a peg” (haha) and lose this feeling thinking that they will have to “dumb things down” to you over and over again, you guys will realize there is always a “layman” on both sides : Native & Not Native English speakers.

    Native English speakers: No hard feelings, please! -;)

    I’d also like to say that reading aloud these podcasts help me a lot to progress in correcting my pronunciation and improve my fluency – give it a shot (half an hour twice a week) and a few months later compare where you’re vs. where you were months back before you started reading these aloud -;)

    Andy & Add:

    Many Thanks for the cool podcasts and good vibes!!


  2. 329463846 Says:

    One problem i faced is that i listen one podcast then listen another and forget about previous lesson. It is annoying for me .

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