234 – VIP – What about Bob

In this ESL podcast we talk about a person that isn't really a friend but someone that you know and don't really like.

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5 Responses to “234 – VIP – What about Bob”

  1. AkiraArakaki Says:

    Please help me !
    I still can’t download your VIP podcast automatically although I have bought VIP menbership.
    When I logged in, I can find the following imformations,
    You are logged in as: AKIRAARAKAKI
    Your membership level is: VIP
    Your Account Status: ACTIVE
    Your Account Expires: AUGUST 15, 2014
    My Secure RSS
    Edit Profile

    When I cllick your linked “My Secure RSS”, I can get the following feed url,

    Then, I go into Itunes , then click on Subscribe to podcast.
    However, I still can’t download your VIP podcast.
    Please help me, or you should give me another good instructions.

  2. admin Says:

    Sorry, There is a problem with the RSS feed. Can you still download the lessons though?

  3. AkiraArakaki Says:

    My feed url is same as before. I still can’t download the your VIP podcasts. It’s really frustrating! Please help me. You should check and improve the link “How to use VIP menbership”.

  4. magii Says:

    There is a problem at the moment with the rss feed but if you right click and “save as” you can save the file instead of having your browser open it

  5. jmiloperez80 Says:

    Hi guys: Ilove your dialogues. I have a friend who wants to buy about a hundred or more text and audio dialogues for children from 5 to 12 years old or so. He already bought the 1oo lessons from you guys about a couple or three years ago. His name is Victor Azamar Michel, his e-mail: He lives in Colombia and uses your lessons too, to teach English privately. He’s not a vip member but he receives your montly updates; I believe he tried to request the lessons from you before but to no avail. Can you help him? He is waiting from a response or suggestions from you when you get a chance. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration and hope you guys are ok and continue helping to make a better world. Bye, Juan Perez

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