237 – VIP – Bank Credit

In this ESL podcast we talk about getting bank loans. Learn English for business and finance

This is a
VIP Lesson

5 Responses to “237 – VIP – Bank Credit”

  1. kolwin Says:

    I ‘ve paid four time for this.I couldn’t get into VIP section.keep asking me renew or Upgrade my account.i tend to loose my money to have these is so frustrating.

  2. koofia Says:

    Hi Admin,
    This is Koofia,a past member of your VIP section, couldn’t get into VIP section. I believe I’ve lost one year money. I’m so disappointed for not having any response from admin. Now i’m on another year but fearing losing money again! Please admin, would you guys put your attention on my case. I wanna be member again but what about losing money again! Please, Please, address my problem.

  3. kleczko Says:

    Hi everybody. I have the same VIP section access problem. Paid on the 16th Jan, and still have no answer. Hope it’ll be solved soon.

  4. imcd Says:

    Try to access after you log out. Keep trying for 3-4 times. The problem is related to poor website development. Andy and Ad should be paying attention to it.

  5. lois Says:

    Mine works perfectly, make sure you guys understand how the page works, by the way what´s the meaning of R&D in the text??

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