238 – VIP – Guys Night

Learn English for real life conversations between friends in this ESL podcast about having a guys night out. We talk about slang for spoken English used between native English speaking friends.

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AA:  Do you think the guys will mind if I bring Arlene tonight?

B:  What are you talking about?  Of course.  It’s guy’s night.  No girls allowed.  Period.

A:  Ya but Arlene is like one of the guys.  She’s cool and she won’t make us filter what we say.

B:  You are missing the point.  It sets a terrible precedent.  If she comes and the other girls catch wind of it, which they will, then it’s over.  They will want to start coming too and guy’s night will quickly become a thing of the past.

A:  Don’t you think you are overreacting a bit?

B:  No.  I’ve seen how these things unfold.  Trust me.  It’s a terrible idea and I guarantee the guys won’t have any of it either.



Guy’s night This is a well known term for an evening where all guys and no girls hang out.  This is a chance for guys to talk about "guy stuff" and to get away from their wives and girl friends.  They hangout, drink, play cards, go to bars, or whatever.  It’s just guys doing whatever they want without any pressure or stress from any females.

Period:  When someone says "period" at the end of a statement, they mean, "no exceptions".  None!

I’m not going to give my daughter any more money.  Period.

One of the guysIf a girl is considered "one of the guys" it means she fits in well when a group of guys hang out together.  She doesn’t complain about stuff girls complain about and can easily accept the way guys naturally are, and the kind of jokes they tell.  She might even like sports as well and be able to talk about the same topics.

Filter what we sayIf you have to "filter" what you say, it means you need to think about what you say before you say it, and then almost "edit" out the parts that some people would find offensive.

Precedent If you set a "precedent" it means that you make some kind of a standard for how the future should be.

For example, if you have 2 sons and you buy the first one a car when he turns 16 years old, you are pretty much setting a precedent for how you are as a parent.  The second son will definitely want or expect a car when he turns 16.

Catch wind of it If you "catch wind" of something it means that you heard about it.  You probably heard either some secret or something that people didn’t know whether or not you knew. 

A thing of the past If something is "a thing of the past" it means that it used to happen before, but no longer does in this day and age.

A family where the man works full time and the woman stays home with the kids and is a housewife for her whole career is a thing of the past.

Unfold The way a story or a situation "unfolds" is the way that it happens.  All the events of a situation, in the order they happen, are the way that the situation unfolded.

I’m not surprised that he quit but I was pretty surprised with how the whole thing unfolded.

Won’t have any of it If someone "won’t have any of it" it means they don’t believe it at all OR they won’t accept it at all.

The boy told his father that he wasn’t the one who stole the alcohol from his liquor cabinet, but the father wasn’t having any of it.


This is a
VIP Lesson

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