241 – VIP – US Economy

In this lesson we talk about the US Economy and investing. Learn about investing, making money, and business English.

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5 Responses to “241 – VIP – US Economy”

  1. Schlaumeier Says:

    Thanks a lot for a good vocabulary supplement!
    I think I’m one who pull the economy down here,
    poor student with no income at all :D

    People in America tend to put their money in banks, fund someone’s business, so forth. As to my relatives, friends, people born in Soviet Union are lost their belief in the reliability of bank system, as after its crash, people were literally derived theirs savings. For an instance, my grandmother could’ve afford to buy a couple of flats.
    So, I stick to the point, that it’s much more reliable to hold your savings in REAL-esteem for sure :)

    Thank you for a good lesson one more time, raring to listen another one!

  2. carre_3000 Says:

    Please help me!!!
    I can’t log on in my account after renewing my VIP membership.

  3. Schlaumeier Says:

    you better off contact them by dropping a line on the email dude

  4. 329463846 Says:

    Hey, Schlaumeier. How do you memorize all the phrases. i listen podcast everyday and forget every day. I m hitting the ceiling about that? Do you have any insights about that?

  5. Schlaumeier Says:

    The best way of memorizing new vocabulary either new expressions is to apply them in the real conversation as soon as possible, not to swot up. Even if there is no one to talk them over, compose a few sentences for yourself and write them down.
    And of course, forgetting words is a typical mankind trait :D
    you can’t lock them up in your head, simple by getting acquainted with a context lol

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