244 – VIP – Hidden News

In this lesson we talk about some very interesting bad sad news that will probably surprise you! Learn about this real life news topic in English and learn to speak like a native.

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VIP Lesson

3 Responses to “244 – VIP – Hidden News”

  1. stevelin Says:

    Where can I download all transcripts of the lessons? May you zip all files of lessons for my downloading conveniently?

  2. blessingnaw Says:

    why can not i download all transcripts of vip lessons even though i am 1 year subscribed vip member?
    whenever i click download button , aske me to sign up vip membership plan….what is that?
    could you pls point out what it is going on.

  3. Mivanda Says:

    I have renewed my account and Paid subscription $37 but can’t log on. Not fair!!!

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