246 – VIP – Emergency Health English

In this lesson we talk about an emergency trip to the doctors. Learn about this real life emergency health English.

This is a
VIP Lesson

4 Responses to “246 – VIP – Emergency Health English”

  1. Lincolnwong Says:

    I puchased the vip and following the instructions I subscribed to the podcast.
    But I can only see 3 podcasts.Tried to find a work around in no avail.
    I come to realize it might be the problem of the podcast’s source itself.
    Then I tried the mobile app on my iphone.
    It total sucks!No as much high quality as the podcasts.

    I wrote a letter to complain and also offered some suggestion.
    No response.

    The purchasing experience on this site totally sucks.
    Custom service does’t exist here in my experience.

    Guys,if you want to sell,better review the overall customer experience.
    Business is business,it’s not just about making podcasts.

  2. lorogore Says:

    It’s been two weeks since I placed my order to purchase VIP membership subscription but I couldn’t access the lessons I signed up for. I sent several emails but I received no single response. I contacted Paypal to follow up with this issue. I need my money back. you guys if you have no clue on how to run a business, please hire professional marketers or quit it altogether. Honestly, I doubt if there’s really a customer service in China232.If you on hiatus, please emails to all VIP membership to let them know that; otherwise this website is being set on AUTO PILOT

  3. carre_3000 Says:

    It goes for me too. I have been a vip member of china232 for one year. When my membership came to its end , I got it renewed but that didn’t help because I am not able to log in my account anymore nevertheless I renewed it. I love the podcast to be honest ,these guys really change my life at many levels . But for some reason they don’t want me anymore. I hope can find another podcast at that level. Andy and Ad I love you guys.

  4. stevelin Says:

    Hi.I wanna to ask a question. Why can’t I read the transcripts of No.246-245 podcast? How to deal with it?Thanks!

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