247 – VIP – Hard Time

In this ESL podcast we talk about what can happen to people if they lie in marketing campaigns when selling products. Learn English for business and daily life.

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  1. gsuen Says:

    The files are not found. Can you please check?

  2. tigerchan Says:

    The files are not found. Can you please check?

  3. guitarmanzw Says:

    Hey guys, looks there is not mp3 in this webpage.

    What’s wrong here?

    Could you check it?

    Thanks! And have a good weekend!

  4. sara2625 Says:

    Hey,there is some problem in downloading the mp3 and transcripts for this episode kindly help.

  5. matheww33 Says:

    I guess I will not continue being member of your VIP lessons anymore as you are not caring about your VIP section as before … I am sorry but I am done with your VIP section from this year…

  6. fostensrud Says:

    No mp3? No pdf? You guys haven´t been sleeping…or what?

  7. admin Says:

    Hey guys, Sorry for the problem! We just got back to Canada for a visit and have been busy. It should work now and I’m putting out a new lesson too.

  8. stevelin Says:

    Hi.I want to ask a question. Why can’t I read the transcripts of No.246-245 podcast in ipad APP but I can read the No.240 transcript in APP? How to deal with it? Thanks!

  9. Redy71 Says:

    Hi guys! could you please do a podcast about “card games” like Bridge.. Thanks in advance

  10. Schlaumeier Says:

    dammit, my subscription is about to expire and seems I won’t be able to catch up all the lessons I’ve left unread

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