033 – VIP – Business Secrets 3

This is the third of a four part series on Business Secrets. Learn English for improving your business and your life.

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VIP Lesson

5 Responses to “033 – VIP – Business Secrets 3”

  1. Rain Says:

    Great lesson again!

    I can’t wait until the last business secret lesson. I definitely learned from this lesson and realized how I’m influenced by advertisements. I think it is great to learn about how people make decisions.

  2. Bill Says:

    Hey Guys,

    I’m doing International trade and I have to do a lot of meetings. These business ideas are helping a lot. I never learned this kind of stuff in school so i think it’s so great. This is so much more than just learning English. Thanks brothers.


  3. Cathy Says:


    I’m Cathy from Beijing. This is a really good lesson for doing business. I went to school in China and I never learned this kind of material before. I listen to your show every day and feel I really know you guys. Thanks for everything.


  4. Gordon Says:


    Great job! I signed up for the VIP section about a month ago. I listened to a few free ones and then fell in love with the show so I decided to buy immediately. I’ve listened to almost all of your shows and I notice that the VIP section is really helping my listening and speaking. Actually it’s all really good in my opinion. I paid over 800 dollars for a school last year and I learned nothing useful. I’ve already learned more with you guys I think. Thanks so much!


  5. Shirley Says:


    I am Shirley, a kind of spontaneous girl. I learned that word from you guys. lol.
    I found your site only 2 weeks ago and for some reason I bought the VIP section already. It’s great. You guys deserve so much credit. I studied hard and paid a lot of money for garbage English lessons many times in the past. Maybe some of it was my fault but you guys are much more fun and useful. Don’t worry, I’m telling my friends. They think it’s super cool too. Wow, I can’t believe how many words I use I think I learned from you. It helps my working and I’ll use your advice to make some more money.


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