125 – VIP – Breakup

In this ESL podcast we talk about a real-life conversation we had with a friend of ours about his recent breakup. Learn English about relationships.

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4 Responses to “125 – VIP – Breakup”

  1. Sand Notes Says:

    Emotionality is one of my major shortcomings. That’s why I don’t like this podcasts like dating and bullshit. I like business podcasts or those who make you think a bit. Dating, partying, drinking topics are not my favorites. Please wake me up with something a bit more interesting.

  2. jponcec28 Says:

    I disagree with Sand, this is also real life stuff and turns out to be quite handy in conversation! Keep it up guys! All of your english podcast are awesome! They’re one the best ways to learn useful terms and real english!


  3. cynthia Says:

    I could access the VIP lesson after i bought them please advice what should do.

    thanks and regards

    cynthia garcia

  4. jasose Says:

    i do not know how to get the podcasts that i have bought

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