044 – Wedding | ESL Podcast

ESL podcast about a wedding. Spoken English skills are practiced

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A:  I’m hoping the wedding will be fun on Saturday. 

B:  The wedding is a no-go.  Shirley apparently called the whole thing off last night.

A:  What happened?

B:  No one really knows.  Her decision seemed to come right out of the blue.  Scott thinks she might just be having cold feet.

A:  I hope her girlfriends will be able to talk her out of this.   I just forked out a lot of dough for my tux.  I wouldn’t mind meeting an available bride’s maid either. 


No-go – This is a slang term used to describe some event that was supposed to happen but got canceled.  The boss is sick so today’s meeting is a no-go.


Called the whole thing off – “calling something off” means to cancel an event like a date or a wedding.  How was your date last night?  We didn’t go, Clare got sick and called it off.

Out of the blue – This expression refers to something that comes as a surprise and with no warning.  It also means you don’t know why something happened.  Steve seemed like he was happy with his job but he just quit right out of the blue.  Where did you get the idea to write a book?  I have no idea.  It seemed to come right out of the blue.


Cold feet – This is a special phrase that is used to describe someone who is nervous about getting married.  Many people get cold feet the night before their wedding day.


Talk her out of this – “talking someone out of something” means you persuade or convince them not to do something.  Michelle wanted to quit the basketball team but the coach talked her out of it.


Forked – This is a little bit slang and can be used as a verb to describe paying a lot of money for something.  The idea is that you are using so much money that you need a big fork to help you pick up all the money.


Dough – This is a slang term that means “money”.  He’s making a lot of dough at his new job.


Tux – This is short for “tuxedo”.  A tuxedo is a special men’s suit that they often wear to a wedding.  They are very expensive so a lot of people rent tuxedos when they need them.


Available – This is a way to describe someone who is single, ie. They are not in a relationship.  It means “available to date”.  “Hey, remember that girl you introduced me to at the party?  Is she available?” 


Your heart is in the right place – This phrase means that the person intends to do something kind or helpful, but actually causes more harm than good with their actions.  For example, imagine a mother keeps giving her needy son money because she feels sorry for him, but actually this money is causing the son to be lazy and not look for a job.  You could say her heart is in the right place because she actually wants to help. In our dialogue we were being sarcastic when we used this phrase because the person was actually being selfish. 


26 Responses to “044 – Wedding | ESL Podcast”

  1. Igor Says:

    Oh, in this lesson there are so much slang words and expressions. Thank you! :)
    But seems like in the dialog there is missed a phrase about a heart.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Hi, another wonderful dialog. we appreciate for your effort.

  3. Emmanuel nkusi Says:

    hi guy, thanks for this episode
    verry exciting. bye!

  4. Achirami Says:

    I\\\’m glad to be here) It\\\’s so cool I\\\’ve found this site) I want to speak English free and not only officially as we are leant at school or at the Institute)/ Spoken English is alive language. I very very very like it! =)
    I knew only one phrase of these) Now my vocabulary is better!)

  5. Luki Says:

    Nice one thanks guys

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