140 – Winter Vacation

Learn vacation English and how to speak English fluently.


A:  How was your trip to Anguilla?


B:  It was great!  Highly recommended.  We had no idea what to expect but everything turned out great.


A:  Where is it?


B:  It’s just a little spec out in the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s one of the Caribbean islands.  It’s about a 4 and a half hour direct flight from Toronto.


A:  What did you guys do there and what did you like about it?


B:  We stayed with mom and dad.  They rented a huge place so they had extra room.  They rented a car and we ended up renting our own car just so we weren’t all joined at the hip.  We pretty much just enjoyed the weather and the beaches there.  The locals are really friendly and everything is so pristine.  The stars were so clear at night and the weather was ridiculously amazing.  Even though we were there for only 2 weeks it felt a lot longer.  It’s really peaceful and relaxing.  It’s also really non commercial.  You don’t see ads for anything.  There isn’t a McDonalds or any chain in the whole country.

It was also a huge bonus to have mom there to help out with Henry.  She took him for a walk outside every morning and taught him a lot of nursery rhymes.  He finally started eating real food – and not just eating but actually pigging out.  He was going wild for pizza and ribs they had there.


A:  Were there any drawbacks?


B:  It was really expensive compared to other traveling we’ve done.  Even stuff in the grocery stores isn’t cheap.  It’s like $3 USD for a few liters of drinking water, and often over $20 for a pack of coffee.



Highly recommended: :
This is a common set phrase that you can tell a friend or anyone that you really think something is great and you recommend it to them. This is a very powerful 2 word phrase.

A: Was that restaurant any good?
B: Highly recommended.

Spec: :

This just means a tiny dot. “I got a spec of sand in my eye”.

If you look on a world map, then you can see that many of these islands just look like little specs.

Joined at the hip:

This is a phrase that means you are together with some person all the time. It’s used in a negative way.

I hate hanging out with him ever since he got that new girlfriend. They are always joined at the hip and it’s really annoying.

Pristine: :

This just means incredibly clean and in perfect condition.
She won’t allow any guests over unless the house is looking pristine.

Nursery rhymes: :

These are old but famous rhymes and songs we teach young children when they are learning to talk.

Baa baa black sheep.
Old mother Hubbard

Pigging out: :

This is eating a lot of food quickly. Usually tasty food that his high in fat and or sugar.

I tried to diet all day yesterday and then ended up pigging out on pizza and ice cream before bed.

Drawbacks: :

This means downsides or negatives. Cons.

Have there been any drawbacks with your new job or have you pretty much liked everything about it?

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