141- 2020 Fresh Start


A:  Last year was a… 


B:  Write off?


A:  Yes.  I’ll have to shoulder a lot of the blame for that one.  I could make a long list of excuses about why I stopped writing podcasts but what is the point?  I think a few things happened that knocked me out of my routine, and then weeks turned into months and things just started to snowballProcrastination got the best of me and I just did the old ostrich philosophy.  Head in the sand!


B:  All we can really do now is look to the future.  We do need to switch gears though and figure out a few things.  We have to change China232 to another name since we aren’t in China anymore.  Maybe we need to change how the VIP section works and what’s in there.  And we certainly need to give a discount or some freebies to the people who paid last year and didn’t really get what they were hoping for.


A:  Ok, well let’s figure it out and turn this ship around!



Right Off: :

If something is a write off, it means that it is just total garbage and not worth any money and has no value.


I crashed my car yesterday.  It was a total write off.  I need to get another one.


Shoulder a lot of the blame: :

If you “shoulder” blame or something else it means you take responsibility for it.  You are putting this heavy thing on your shoulders and dealing with it.

My young son is a lot of work.  Luckily I have a wife who shoulders a lot of that responsibility or I’d be going crazy!


Weeks turned into months:

This is when you notice that time starts moving really fast and you notice you haven’t done anything.

It seems like only yesterday that our school year started.  I thought I had a lot of time to study.  I wasted a few days that turned into weeks, weeks that turned into months, and now we have exams coming up soon and I’ve done pretty much no studying at all!


Snowball: :

If something starts to snowball, it means it gets really big and out of control quickly.

My friend planned to stop going to the gym for a few days when he got a cold.  Then pretty soon he got into a new habit and things started to snowball.  Now he hasn’t been there in 6 months!


Procastination: :

This is when you waste time when you should be doing something else that is important.

I know I need to do some work, but I keep procrastinating and watching youtube videos.


Got the best of me: :

If something “get’s the best of you”, it means that it defeats you in some way.  You couldn’t win with it or control it.

I know I shouldn’t have yelled at that store owner, but my temper got the best of me.  I was probably just hungry or something.


Ostrich Philosophy: :

An ostrich is a type of huge bird that hides by putting its head in the sand and pretends that something scary doesn’t exist.  Obviously it is a terrible strategy.


Switch Gears: :

If you “switch gears” it means that you make a significant change from what you were doing before.

My business hasn’t been going very well doing the same things I was doing before.  I need to switch gears and figure out something new.



Freebies: :

This is just free stuff.

I got a lot of freebies from the grand opening of the new store.



Turn this ship around: :

If you “turn the ship around” it means that you make a huge change and improvement.

That company has been losing millions of dollars for years.  They need to get a new CEO to see if someone can turn the ship around.



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  1. jacoisrael Says:

    Hey guys! I hope you doing great .. Since last year we didn’t see you guy, So I glad to see you again .. Hope you keeping doing this podcast for us.

  2. rosa Says:

    I’m very glad you’re back guys! Good luck!

  3. tigerchan Says:

    since 2012 or 2013,, So I glad to see you again ..

  4. tigerchan Says:

    i’m tigerchan or harry chan from Canton china!! my mail is haha

  5. tigerchan Says:

    i’ve been in English podcast big fan for almost ten years and i studied english for almost 30 years. I ‘m thinking about doing sth with u or other guys or just myself. whatever I love u

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