164 – VIP – New Life

In this ESL podcast we talk about starting a new life after making a big decision. Learn English for daily conversation.

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VIP Lesson

7 Responses to “164 – VIP – New Life”

  1. britdam007 Says:

    Hi, I am not able to download the audio file from your site. For some reason it is not downloading.

  2. EugeneVM Says:

    File not found :(

  3. maxim Says:

    Dudes, I can’t wait to hear the new one! Please fix the feed

  4. sara2625 Says:

    Hi,I can’t download Audio file.please fix it.

  5. admin Says:


    Please try again. Sorry for the problem.

  6. atlantis11500 Says:


    I have sent you guys couple emails, but I never get any feedback.

    How can I download the fun English lessons and VIP sections in batch?

    The rss feed only returns recent lessons.

    Anyone can help?

  7. Ana Says:


    As far as I know you can get the previous episodes through the website, downloading them one by one… Your RSS can’t do it automatically…

    But if you really want to talk to them, try going to Facebook and ask a question to Add…

    Take care!

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