How to Signup for VIP Membership

1. Go to registration page here and click on the picture at the bottom shown below that says “Order Now” to pay for the membership at Paypal.

You can also click on the picture on the side of the web pages on shown below to pay at Paypal.

If you don’t have a credit card, no problem. Go here to see what to do.

register for vip english lessons

2. You will now be redirected to paypal so please wait until you see this page below:


3. If you have a paypal account just login here:


If you don’t have one just register by clicking here:


Then just fill out the following form to register after you click the continue checkout link:


4. You will now be able to pay for the VIP membership by clicking the pay now button:


You have now paid for the membership but YOU MUST now click on the following return to merchant button in order to complete your registration. If you fail to do this last step you won’t be able to login to your china232 account. The button will say “Go back to and complete” and you will be redirected back to If you see a security warning, make sure to click continue as shown below:



5. You will receive an email with a link to complete your registration called “Complete your China232 VIP registration”.

Check your Junk Mail if you don’t receive the email within a few minutes of paying from Paypal.

The email will be sent to your Paypal email address. If you are using someone else’s Paypal account no problem. Just get them to send you the registration Email and you can then click on the link to complete the Registration.


You will now have access to the VIP section of for one year. If you have any problems registering or logging in, please contact us