We make an English learning podcast, which is like an online radio show, that you can download and listen to on your computer, ipod, mp3 player, or cell phone. For fastest English improvement we suggest you:

  1. Download the podcast or listen on the website
  2. Come to and read the lesson before listening to the podcast. 
  3. Write down a few new words and phrases that you want to learn.
  4. Listen to the podcast a couple of times.  Pay special attention to the new words.
  5. Practice writing these new words in sentences. This will help you remember them. The discussion forum at is a great way to practice writing.

How to Download a podcast?

  1. RIGHT-click on the Download button. (for Mac: CTRL-click). 
  2. For Internet Explorer: Select Save Target As  (for Firefox: Save Link As). 
  3. When you see the Save box, pay attention to where you are saving it and click Save. 
  4. When the podcast has finished downloading, find it in the location you saved it, then double-click it or import it into your computer’s audio player.
  5. Enjoy listening!

How to listen to the podcast on the website?

  1. Click on the play button and listen to the podcast as seen on the picture.
  2. If it is too slow you can wait or download the podcast.

You can Subscibe to our podcast with Itunes. Subscribing to a podcast is just like subscribing to a newspaper or a magazine. Itunes will let you know as soon as we make a new lesson.

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