Sign Up to VIP Section Without A Credit Card

You DON’T NEED A CREDIT CARD to sign up to the VIP section of  You can pay for a China232 VIP membership and have access to all apps for Iphone/Ipad, Android devices, and also complete access to everything in the VIP section of

You can use any payment methods that the Google Android Play store or the Apple App store has and pay directly on the app when you download it. Please go here to download the apps.

You can also pay without using a credit card on Paypal by following the steps below.  You will need to sign up for Paypal and add your bank details though before you register for The VIP section of

1.  Before you register for the VIP section, go to and Sign up to paypal.

2.  Now, create a personal Paypal account from any Country you choose.  It is important to choose the country where you actually live if you are going to be paying using your bank account and NOT a credit card.

3. Fill out the information on the form and create your Paypal account

4.  Just go to your Paypal account as shown below if you don’t have a credit card.

5.  Go to the Profile tab on your account and go to “Add or Edit Bank Account”

6.  When you add a bank account you should choose the country where your bank account is.  You will have to fill in this form and all your banking information.  This varies depending on country and bank.  You will have to wait a few days before you can start adding money from your bank to your Paypal account.  Paypal should (if you filled in your banking information correctly) have made two small deposits with a few letter codes within 3-5 business days.  You should make a note of the deposit amounts and paypal codes.

7.  After you receive your deposits from paypal, you can go back to and login to your Paypal account. When you go to your account you should now enter your deposit amounts and codes you received from the deposits.  Return to the verification page by clicking the “Confirm Bank Account” link on your Account Summary page, and then enter the amounts of the deposits.  You will now be able to use your paypal account!  Just click on “Add Funds” to put money into your account.  Now go to back to the registration page here and complete the VIP registration process and start enjoying!