003 – Procrastination | ESL Podcast

English learning podcast about procrastination


We listen to Andrews story about not doing anything.

Today I woke up at 9:20 but lay in bed until about 11:30.
  I wasn’t sleeping, nor was I relaxing.
  I wasn’t really thinking of anything in particular either.
  I was in a daze.
  I finally got out of bed and started walking aimlessly around the house.
  Instead of doing anything reasonable, I decided to feel a bit guilty about getting up so late and wasting the morning in bed.
  I was just about ready to go to the gym when for some reason I decided to log on to msn messenger and start up a few useless conversations.
  An hour flew by and it was now almost 1:00.
  I’d had it.
  I was sick of all the procrastinating.
  I got off msn, grabbed a protein shake and headed off to the gym.

Key vocabulary and phrases that are discussed in the podcast:

I wasn’t thinking of anything in particular

Nothing specific. Hard to say exactly what you were thinking or doing.

I’m not going anywhere in particular.

What restaurant were you thinking of going to tonight?

Nowhere in particular

I was in a daze

Thinking about something, maybe not moving your eyes much. Just staring at the wall and thinking

Walking aimlessly around the house

No direction. Just walking around with no idea of what to do.

I’d had it.

I was sick of it. I had enough, I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed something to change.

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    Thanks for another podcast. Procrastination is a nice word that I’ll remember forever.

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    Hi there,
    (Sorry guys, for some reason :=) I have posted it already in falls place.)
    I came across your pc for a couple of weeks and found it very good, one thing that you are speaking in a normal speed, the words and phrases explanation is absolute amazing, and you are very hilarious Yes it is unique I would say. You are learning in special way, the learner forget that he learns and just hear and has fun and this is the best way to learn actually. thanks, great job.

    I download the pcasts on my mp3-player and hear them here and there- Then I read it am PC and I have noticed that the (some) dialogs not exactly in the same words that in the text on website or the other way around. e.g. in this podc, the end of the dialog is absolutely different. But all the same it is also interesting and useful.

    It would also be rather helpful if you could make the word for word transcript of what you are saying,

    Thanks a lot for your job

    Nice Time Guy

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    One more To You Both (can not harm)
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  19. Abby Says:

    Oh! From this lesson I got realize I ‘m procrastinating.I had lost so many times.

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    damn this website is cool and very helpfull
    thank you all for making this website, i feel like i am standing right in front of my teacher. why don’t you guys become teacher!

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    i forget to mention something
    ya all funny when you guys making conversation and i realy liked it.
    especial the dude who were saying tell your friends i am intersted
    he is realy funny
    both of you are funny
    please make more funny jokes and story with slang words.
    thanks thu

  22. marian Says:

    oh one more thing Andrew your morning story was realy intresting and funny
    not doing anything, just lay in bed that long!
    wow you gotta be kidding me
    thanks for sharing your story with us
    that happen sometimes

  23. Andy Says:

    Hey Marian,

    Where are you from? Thanks so much for the comments and it’s awesome that you like the show! While reading your comments I just realized that I am still sometimes doing that ridiculous habit of lying in bed for so long. I really need to change that! haha

  24. Marian Says:

    well i am original from Africa, and now i live in Minneapolis, MN
    there is nothing to be embarrassed or ridiculous. i was just curious about it.
    anyways thanks for reading my comments and please keep making the funny stories. i realy appreciated!

  25. Paola Says:

    Hi guys!
    Thank you for these usefu dialogues… a very funny and effective way to teach english.
    I would like to suggest this topic: how to use your podcasts at their best according to your teaching experience.
    Wish you all the best

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    Hello from Ukraine again!!!
    Great lesson! I can’t decide whose voice I like more :) I feel like I could listen your voice all the time :) )

  27. sarah hegazy Says:

    a lot of times i make the same without knowing any reason and i don’t know how i can stop that
    may be because of boring of a lot of things or of hole your life

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