059 – VIP – NBA Finals

In this VIP ESL podcast we talk about sports English, the French open, and the NBA playoffs this year.

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VIP Lesson

2 Responses to “059 – VIP – NBA Finals”

  1. Umar Says:

    Hey guys,

    Great lesson. I’ve been watching the playoffs too. Really exciting. I hope you win your bet with your friend andy.

    Good luck

  2. Paul King Says:

    Hi, how’s it going guys?
    I’ve recently moved to the U.S. and I’ve been listening to your lessons for twelve months.
    Since I started to listen to your podcast, I realized that your VIP lessons are the best choice to learn Spoken English. I try to listen to it at least one hour everyday and after one year I would say that
    my English is indistinguishable from the original.
    You did great job guys, thank you so much !!!

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