111 – VIP – 50 000 dollar fine

In this VIP English podcast we talk about a ridiculous fine that someone gets. Athletes sometimes get fined huge amounts of money for saying things.

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  1. valice Says:

    Hey guys, thank you for the podcast. Don’t lose your cool at each other–you’re doing cool work together! :)

  2. Delia Says:

    that’s funny! I have always thought that the expression “get under the skin” is something positive! I like the expression “get under the skin”…:) It’s funny because, in fact, the meaning is negative. In my native language, get someone under the skin means exactly the opposite. When someone gets under your skin means you liked that person very much, that person get into your “soul”.
    Moreover, the song sang by Frank Sinatra & Bono Vox (I got you under my skin) doesn’t evoke anything “negative”.

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