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Using New Technology to Learn English

May 29th, 2011

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The world changes all the time but most people don’t take advantage of these changes.  The ideas about language learning were so different than they are today because of advances in both the psychology of language learning and the improvements in technology.

Typical English schools where a teacher stands in front of a classroom teaching “face to face” English makes no sense anymore for several reasons.  2 reasons are that it’s too expensive and it’s a waste of time and energy to travel to a classroom when this can all be done using a computer and modern technology.

If you go to a store that sells electronics, most of the time what they show you will be cool.  These “gadgets” can do a lot more than they are showing you.  Ipads are not just for reading and games.  That’s how they sell them though.  They don’t talk about the possibilities of learning languages and stuff like that.  The reason I guess is that people want to buy electronics more for fun than for learning.  For some reason, people think learning is boring.

I am so excited about modern uses of cool new technology for English learning.  I’ll give you one example that I bet you never even thought of.  There are so many it’s crazy but let me start with one.

Use point of view video recording glasses to record your one on one English lessons and watch them over and over again.   If you hire a private English tutor, you can wear these video recording sunglasses to record the whole language with perfect video and sound quality.  Then you can have the lesson to watch and listen to again and again.  You won’t have to take a bunch of notes and you can pay attention better and learn more watching the lesson again and again.

The best point of view or POV video recorders are cool looking high def sunglasses.   I just checked out some reviews and I think you might find them interesting too for many reasons.  There are more sample videos to see for yourself on Youtube.  Go here to see all the videos:  Best Hands Free Video Cameras If you like sports and stuff, you will find these cool for traveling or videoing your kids or anything cool that you do in your life.  You don’t need your hands.

Here is one sample video below.  Just imagine that you can take your teaching giving you an English lesson and watch it on your Ipad, Iphone, TV, or Android phone.  Amazing!