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How to Learn Sports Vocabulary in English

May 23rd, 2011

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Let’s face it. Even if you study English in university and read the newspaper and watch movies and whatever else, it’s impossible to learn all the special vocabulary that you need to know in real life. Sports vocab is just one example.

Your English might already be ok but you don’t know exactly how to use soccer, football, or basketball vocabulary when chatting with your native speaking friends. There is so many cool terms that make for great “guy talk”. Obviously girls might want to talk about sports too. I’m just saying, it’s one of those topics that men like to get into.

I’ve noticed that the words used by the TV announcers vary a lot from country to country. It’s not just that the words are different because the language is different. The whole way of talking about sports is different. In NBA basketball for example, some of the best American TV announcers are really smart and hilarious. They get ex pro athletes to do a lot of “trash talking” and make a bunch of interesting comments. A lot of this is like “super slang”. You’d never learn about it in school because schools love teaching boring stuff that isn’t used in daily life. That’s just how they work. It’s retarded but true.

Part of our goal with this website is to give you the full exposure to all kinds of special topics that can really help you speak comfortably about anything. You can download the lessons to your Iphone, Ipad, Android, or Iphone and you’ll learn a lot about sports. We’re guys so we love talking and teaching about tennis, nba basketball, football or soccer, ufc, and a lot of other sports. The slang we use in the lessons is perfect for understanding all of the announcing and it will help your spoken slang English a lot as well as learning all the slang specific to all the different activities that men, and woman, love to do for recreation.