English in business

July 16th, 2008

English is the international language of business and in today’s global economy, it’s becoming more and more important to understand the English in business.

Becoming a good speaker in business English is a lot more than simply knowing the English phrases used in business. If you just know the English terms for business, but don’t practice speaking and listening on many topics, your English will sound slow and choppy. I’ve heard several speakers with an excellent vocabulary for business English, but they sound really boring to listen to.

You’ll find a lot of useful English in business if you watch business TV or read the business section of English newspapers. This will give you the English in context, which is much better than memorizing a list of business English terms.

Another great way to improve your English for business purposes is to take advantage of this free ESL website. We provide a lot of useful podcasts you can download for free and listen to on either your computer or mp3 player. We have a business English section as well as a weekly show for daily spoken English. Both of these sections are extremely useful for improving your English for business. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the Discussion forum. Good luck!

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