How to Prepare for IELTS Presentation

September 29th, 2008

The first part of the IELTS test is the introduction part which is discussed at Sample Questions in IELTS Exam

The second part of the IELTS test is the presentation.

Speaking practice for IELTS Presentation

For this section of the IELTS test, your examiner will give you a topic, and you will then have one minute to prepare for the presentation.  You can make notes for your presentation.  Then you will have to talk about the topic for between 1-2 minutes.  The examiner won’t ask you any questions while you are presenting, but may ask one or two about your presentation after.

How to prepare for the IELTS Presentation?

After you get your topic, write down key vocabulary that you think will be important to talk about for your presentation.   DO NOT write full sentences down and try and write the entire speech.  You won’t have enough time to do this.  After you write down some important vocabulary, try and make a brief outline for your presentation, with a few simple questions and points you will want to make.  Do this as concisely as possible as you only have one minute for preparation.  If you have any remaining time after this, add anything else you think might be helpful for your IELTS presentation.

These topics are very general so you should be able to talk for much more than 2 minutes if you wanted to.

An example preparation for the IELTS presentation

Here is an example of a topic you might receive.

Topic:  Career

Here might be how you would want to prepare on your paper:

Job, Occupation, Salary, raise, rewarding, vacation, challenging, education



Why Choose?

Where School?

How Long?


IELTS Presentation:

After your minute is up, you will be required to present.  You can look at the information your wrote down on your paper while presenting.   It is good to use some of the phrases and vocabulary that you thought of if you can, but don’t worry so much.  Try and answer the brief questions you made on your outline, and think of any other questions that should be answered about your topic.  Always be trying to answer questions with who, what , why , where, when or the 5 W’s and you should easily be able to talk about this general topic in detail for 2 minutes.

Tips for the IELTS Presentation

If you get stuck at anytime try and answer briefly and move on.  Don’t get stuck on one detail and ruin your entire presentation.  Also, if you get stuck on a detail about your topic, remember that you are being scored on how you speak, and not on the accuracy of the content.  So if you are talking about a topic, or are trying to express your opinion, it is important to try and speak well and “sound good” rather than having really good arguments.

If your presenter asks you a few questions at the end of your presentation, don’t worry too much about these and you can give short simple answers.  If you struggle on this part don’t worry, as it won’t really affect your IELTS score.

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