Learn English on Android

January 1st, 2011

The Android app market is growing like crazy.  Google is selling about 300 000 phones per day.  This is driving a lot of demand for app makers.  A well made app is great for learning languages.  Apps are great for promotion.  Expect the English learning apps to grow in both number and quality over the next couple of years.  We are currently in the process of making an awesome ESL app for the droid.  We’re putting our podcasts and the transcripts onto an easy to use UI.

China232 is about a couple of brothers living in Shanghai who make an English learning podcast and are trying to change the way that English is taught to the world.  We believe that until now, most language programs are super outdated and boring.  When we listen to non native speakers speak, we realize there is so much room for improvement.  It’s all the fault of an outdated education system that focuses too much on grammar and not nearly enough on how English is really used by native speakers day to day.   Go to our homepage and check out some of our free podcasts.  We talk about daily life and teach the kind of slang you’d never learn in school or at work.  You’ll understand movies and conversations and jokes between real native speakers.  We’re using all cool methods and keeping up with the latest in technology such as making Iphone apps, Ipod touch apps, and using facebook and twitter.  Follow us and I guarantee your spoken English will improve like crazy.

English learning Apps - Iphone, Android

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