New Era of Mobile English learning

January 7th, 2011

Multimedia interactive mobile devices like the Ipad and Iphone have the potential to dramatically change the English learning (ESL) industry for the better.  It wasn’t long ago that we had physical textbooks and cassette tapes.  This were limited and the content was boring as well.  Schools made most of this material since the market was so tiny.  For a variety of reasons, English teaching in the past has focused on grammar, vocabulary size, and very formal English.  This combo of bad and boring lessons made most students hate learning ESL.

Fast forward to 2011 and we’re in a totally different age.  The world is becoming global and people see the need for learning English as a second language for business, travel, and personal reasons.  MP3s, PDFs and mobile devices like the Ipad make a killer combo for learning a language.  Now you can download over a thousand hours of high quality audio and millions of pages of text.  For the first time, real people can publish lessons instead of relying on the school system.  It’s easier to enter this market because anyone can make a podcast, Ipad app, or lessons for the Iphone.  It’s free to put them on the Itunes store and other online app stores.  The internet is a huge international marketplace and there are millions of eyeballs on many products with no money needed for advertising.

Native speaking lessons along with written PDFs or Epub files are the best way to learn a language.  They are fun, casual, and really useful.  You can pick up a new language quite passively.  Tablet computers are becoming more affordable and internet speeds are increasing around the world.  The same lessons can be put on an Iphone too.  There will be a lot of competition in both the mobile hardware and software industries for years to come.  There will be more and more opportunities for students to download ESL lessons that are perfect for them.  The advanced learning market is a growing one that has been untouched.  Many students have basic English but don’t have the level of a native speaker and really want to improve.  The tablet computers and smart phones will provide the perfect environment for these people to learn.  The mobile payment system is getting better all the time too.  This will create huge consumer demand for English learning products as the developing world continues to get richer.   The international middle class is growing like crazy and they are moving and traveling to English speaking countries.  These people want and need to learn American or British slang to survive and enjoy their lives.  We focus on this market and make the best podcast and multimedia English lessons in the world.  Check out our homepage and sign up to our free VIP lessons to see for yourself.   These are great for individual students and work well in the ESL classroom as lesson plans.

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