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January 1st, 2011

How can you learn to speak English fluently with the Iphone, Ipad, or Iphone touch?

Improving spoken English comes down to a couple of things.  First you need to learn the vocabulary and the speaking style of native speakers.  You can download apps for both the Iphone and the Android (as well as all other main mobile devices).  These ESL apps have podcasts and the written material that accompanies each one.  I’ve learned foreign languages and I learned that the key is listening to real native speakers and trying to imitate them.  The textbook style of language learning makes no sense because it’s simply not the way anyone speaks.  After you listen to enough hours, let’s say 100 or so, of native speakers talking about cool stuff and explaining the slang and idioms they use, you will naturally start to speak like them.

Foreign professors learn English the hard way.  They study from books.  It’s true that many of them have huge vocabularies, but when you hear them speak you can feel that it’s choppy and awkward.  It’s so obvious that they never hung out with native speakers in a fun daily life type of situation.  These apps can plug you into the world of real native speakers hanging out.  We do our absolute best to make the world’s coolest and most useful English lessons.  We have hundreds of talk show style MP3’s and PDF’s.  Many of them you can download for free.  Go to our home page and load up your Iphone or Ipod with a bunch of our free podcasts.  I guarantee your Spoken English, listening, and slang vocabulary will improve a lot in just a couple of weeks.  If you are preparing for tests like the TOEIC, TOEFL, or IELTS, your scores will go through the roof with this method.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

English learning Apps - Iphone, Android

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